Robert E. Heilman Pretreatment Program Award 2011

The Robert Heilman award serves to commemorate the efforts of Robert Heilman, P.E. in establishing communication and educational means to enhance industrial pretreatment programs in the State of Florida.  This award will be presented to Florida Industrial Pretreatment programs that show a dedication to promoting the FIPA goals of enhanced education and utilize innovative communication and regulatory approaches to achieve compliance and protect the environment.


Nominate someone today:

Note worthy accomplishments:

  • Served on FDEP Technical Advisory Committee that developed Florida pretreatment regulation contained in 62-625 FAC
  • Implemented the Pretreatment Communicator newsletter
  • Published a column in the newsletter
  • Implemented industrial pretreatment workshops
  • Developed training material for industrial pretreatment voluntary certification
  • Taught industrial pretreatment voluntary certification courses


The FIPA Board of Directors may, at its discretion, confer the Robert Heilman award upon a FIPA member program provided that the program meets the following acceptance criteria:

  1. Not in DEP/EPA enforcement for the past year.
  2. All eligible (eligible staff members are those that have been in the IP program for over a year from the time application is made) PT staff members shall have at least a C level voluntary certification
  3. All IP staff are FIPA members
  4. Active FIPA participation as demonstrated through activities such as:
    1. Hosting FIPA workshops
    2. Staff teaching/presenting
    3. Staff submission of newsletter articles
    4. FIPA board participation
  5. Innovative strategies for compliance and/or communication
  6. Level of complexity in the IP program as demonstrated by:
    1. Optional IP programs (i.e. FOG, surcharge, BMPs)
    2. # of SIU & CIUs
  7. Previous Robert Heilman awards winners are eligible to apply for the award after three years have past since winning the award.


Administrative procedure

The FIPA awards committee shall pole its members for applications for the Robert Heilman award in advance of the annual business meeting held in the fall.  Nominations will be reviewed by a special awards committee made up of; one FDEP representative, any Board members not applying for the award and two non-board FIPA members not applying for the award.  One program shall be selected by the special award committee.  The FIPA awards committee shall arrange to have a plaque made for the award recipient.  The Robert Heilman award will be presented during the awards ceremony portion of the annual business meeting.




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