Spring Courses and Workshop will be held in the City of Hollwood, Florida 4/10-13/2012

MORE INFO HERE: http://fipaonline.com/training.htm

IP certification level A, B & C and Fats, Oils and Grease (FOG) Inspector classes will be available Tuesday through Thursday and our Friday workshop will cover a wide variety of topics of interest to both municipal  and private sector wastewater and IP Professionals.

Training classes, discussions and presentations are led by FIPA Certified Instructors, knowledgeable members and subject matter experts from outside of our organization.  Our workshops and classes depend on the participation of our members and wouldn’t be possible without our sponsors.  Mark your calendars now and plan to attend this event.  Please support our sponsors by visiting our sponsor page and the sponsor area at our events. http://fipaonline.com/sponsors.htm


Speaking of the Workshop the anticipation is almost too much.  I can hardly wait!  I am SO excited about the spring 2012 Workshop. It is going to be in Hollywood FL, April 13, 2012!!!!

Course Information

Member requests have come in for a refresher course.  For a limited time members can retake any FIPA course that they have already taken for free.  Members seeking CEU’s are asked to cover the CEU cost of $20.00. If you would like another manual the cost will be $30.00.

The Education Committee has also received member suggestions to break the FOG course down into two sessions, FOG I and FOG II.  FOG I will focus on inspections.  FOG II will consist of a detailed review of FOG chemistry, and FOG Program Management.  Successful completion of with a passing grade in FOG I is a prerequisite for FOG II.

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